Country Camping 

The flatlands of Northwest Ohio dotted with hay bales and endless bean fields leaves little for the adventure of camping, unless we get creative and use what we have. So, my friends and I decided to do what we now call, country camping.  Growing up in the area we know a lot of farmers, so we got permission to camp on the edge of some farmland near a river.

I’m used to backpacking in all of my camping gear, but since we’re out in the country we used my pickup truck to transport it all.  My friends and I talked about life while splitting wood for the campfire. We loaded up our gear in the back of the truck where Kyle sat for the ride out to the site. Humming along slowly in four wheel drive we followed the winding river.  At this perfect rock bed  spot we got a fire started, set up our tent, and began to look for a place to slack line.  There was only one tree along the river so we setup up our slack line between two pickup trucks.  The free feeling of slack lining in a wide open field washed the stresses of the week away.  With the smell of bratwurst cooking over the open fire Kyle began strumming his guitar. The soft sounds of the music accompanied the bubbling river as the sun set over the countryside.  The clear sky and mild temperatures made for a perfect night of star gazing.  Half of us didn’t sleep in the tent, we just laid out near the fire in sleeping bags in the peaceful night air filled with the sounds of crickets chirping.

Singing birds woke us early with the rising sun and a cool breeze blowing off the hay field.  Adding wood to the embers we warmed our hands over the fire and then we explored the foggy river.  

Until our next country camping adventure the memories of full laughter, good stories, and music will go with me in the days ahead.


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